Adinkra Symbols and the Annoying Middle Part!


20170309_102105 (2)

So this cloth helped with the inspiration of house symbols. I first had some sketches done for the six families of my novel in a little notebook, but I lose this damn book while moving.

Thank God I had some tadbits stuck in my head, so I’m currently making up notes with all house symbols drawn up. I’ll add a description of the house history and a list of the prominent members in each house. THEN, I’ll make an infograph on Canva and store them up on OneNote.

I’m not too worried about listing all family members, because when it comes to worldbuilding, I focus on information that will help me with the immediete story.

Now the other issue…

We always figure out what happens first and last, but the middle part of any story is another challenge altogether.

I spent today doing errands while thinking about my assigned task. I had to turn part of the basic outline of the novel’s middle into chapter outlines. Stupid me thought it would be easier since I did not take long with the first and last part of the novel. Now I got why I left the middle part for last.

In an hour, I ended up splitting an arc from the middle part into two. Nothing is legit yet. I still feel like there are puzzle pieces that need to fit together and the pacing seems too scattered, but I feel like I could do much better tomorrow.

Until Monday! 

Novel Diaries- Day 2 – Lessons Learned: 

  • Don’t let anyone mess with your writing time!
  • Do whatever you can for your project, even if you have 1 minute.
  • Think about how much your project has grown if you feel like quitting. Be patient.
  • If you’re unsure of what ideas you need for scenes, use scene generators and research real events similar to your plot to get more ideas.
  • Writing an outline IS writing the first draft of your novel.

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