Arcs, infographs and mythology books.


This weekend worked out well.

I gave up learning more sewing to focus on constructing Outlanders. My tasks assigned included turning more main plot points into chapter outlines, coming up with the infograph and doing research on African myths.

I ended up making another arc, but I do have two more arcs left to turn into chapter outlines.

chapter outlines

I switched houses to tribes and used reference photos for the insignias.


I got Penguin Classic’s African Myths of Origin by Stephen Belcher on Amazon about a year ago. I also have Wole Soyinka’s Myth, Literature and the African World. I skimmed through it in the beginning, but now I make notes inside for references.

Despite me completing my tasks for this weekend, the next assigned ones are going to be a big challenge. I’m expanding my setting (which will take sometime), making an infograph covering each tribe’s qualities (already handwritten), typing chapter outlines for the last two arcs, and reading up on these two books.

Novel Diaries – Day 3 – Lessons Learned: 

  1. The researching process changes. Don’t be worried when it does, keep pushing through.
  2. Don’t scan any book medium for your research. Skim it all first before taking notes.
  3. Make working on your novel feel like you are working on a project in a production company. It makes it more fun to engage in.
  4. Character placeholder names can grow on you. I have a bad case of this!
  5. Sketching out some ideas helps with developing more details. Please don’t expect to be perfect though, work with your imperfections.
  6. Use Pinterest to pin pictures for inspiration for settings, fashion, etc. This has helped me. I’m under the name Enam Korley

Till tomorrow! I’ll talk more about how my setting is going.




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