Aya: Life in Yop City and issues with time-splitting

The researching process has been fun so far.

This article’s pretty short. My first research book is Aya – Love in Yop City. I read all the volumes, especially after falling in love with Yop City. I see it as inspiration for one of my settings in the story. It helps that Yop City is real too, so I’ll definitely be picture hunting.

In addition to my current tasks, I will also focus on another part – characters. So far, I just wrote background info and how my characters will change, but I noticed that the passages were not organized in profiles the more I developed the world.

I did a bit of searching in the weekend and found a good basic profile by YouTube vlogger Jenna Moreci.

Troubles with worldbuilding and writing at the same time…

I’m worried about the character part. It will take some time. This will be a long process also because characters change and new ones are born. Even the setting develops the more I write.

And I face trying to split time between developing the world and writing. I don’t want to write an encyclopedia and not a book. But, I don’t want to keep losing gas and having to jump back to research either.
The rule I am giving myself is that the story needs 40% of time per day, while research + world building and research is 60%. That way, they both get attention they deserve. Alot of writing can be done in less time too.

Tomorrow, I will talk more about characters.


Novel Diaries – Day 8 – Lessons Learned:

  • Any road, whether short or long, has an end.
  • Aya – Life in Yop City is awesome.
  • Read fast when researching a book with dry text.
  • Keep pushing.

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