On making task lists for your story

Yesterday, it felt like my head was going to explode.
The minor changes I made on my story turned out to be something else. I did more world development and got started on another tab for step two in the outlining procress on OneNote.

Another thing I made yesterday was a task list. I’ve been doing this with hand writing for a long time per week, but I got my head together and did a complete one with set goals.

I got this idea from Cal Newport’s How to Get Straight A’s. He mentioned writing a daily to do list based on what you label on your calender. My current task lists covers all I need to do for my first novel.

Why are task lists helpful?

  1. They make your head not feel the need to explode. I hate remembering too many things at once. Listing stuff down helps me remember more.
  2. They help you work on a mission by setting goals.
  3. They help you see the wide scope of what you can accomplish.

I did my one page task lists with three columns – research, world building and drafting.

  • The research part had the resources I put together to read and watch.
  • World building had a few things: retype setting profiles, retype character profiles, as well as create a set number (10) of flora, fauna and cuisine because I knew I was going to do flora, fauna and cuisine for setting profiles too, adding up more.
  • The drafting part had what I needed to do in my outlining process: retype outline with major corrections and storylines, type query, flesh out outline to 80,000 words, then revise and edit the draft

This task list pretty much maps out everything. I also left space for any more additions. And my head feels alot better.

Until next Monday!

Novel Diaries – Day 9 – Lessons Learned:

  • Keep pushing. It all works out.
  • More ideas are fun, not a burden.

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