Worldbuilding is a map.

I’m seeing that worldbuilding is when you take GoogleMaps to get to your destination. Do you ever look at GoogleMaps and see long descriptions of each landmark? Not all the time. Well, not ever. But when you go to that place, your experiences there can’t be summed up by GoogleMaps. It is one that no one else can get.

You have to make premises (or short descriptions)

E.g. When you have a character, don’t start with a profile, write a paragraph or two and keep it that way. Heck, you can even settle with two sentences. You do not have have to do a profile unless you want to. I did it because I thought I needed it, but I ended up just doing it for the main characters. I gave long and short paragraphs to dead, supporting and minor characters.


As long as you have that premise, you are not obligated to return to worldbuilding.

When it came to setting, I wanted to try country profiles, but realized those profiles would mean me sticking to a script. And for one region, I had like eleven countries so the profiles started seeming like a waste. I just settled with the few paragraphs I had done for each region (north, east, west and south. In addition, I did ten flora, fauna and cuisine, but decided not to do additional ones for country profiles.

What have I done so far?

Well, I’m done with the worldbuilding part. I don’t think I will be making any changes to character profiles, giving settings heavily detailed outlines or even listing more flora and such. I’m okay with the premises I have and I’m going to rely 100% on my instincts on this one.

Now that I’ve made my ‘map’, I’m going to have to explore this world on my own and document my journey. I have a small book to help sketch rough ideas as I flesh out my story.

Till tomorrow. 


Novel Diaries – Day 10 – Lessons Learned:

  • If your current flow doesn’t work, find a new one.
  • Don’t create with fear, create with a mission to conquest.
  • Online generators are fun to play with.
  • Worldbuilding doesn’t mean writing an encyclopedia.
  • Writing is the only way to find out what needs to be done in your world.
  • In worldbuilding, you only put down what you are starting with, not everything you are leaving with.



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