Hating OneNote’s print feature and fleshing out writing

I got started on my book.

I know I spoke well of OneNote. But I tried the print feature to take out the world building I’ve done so far and it was a disaster.

I manually pasted the information on Microsoft Word and printed. I cut out pictures to save paper. It worked out well. I also printed my summaries of each storyline to keep for reference.

With those self references and my little notebook in hand, I jot down ideas as they come for worldbuilding and research. I’m no longer obsessed with putting all my worldbuilding in one source or overexplaining things.

The process of writing down my book feels a lot like walking with a blindfold. But I’ve felt this way before, and I can definitely say it is now easier to manage with an outline in hand.

1st Wordcount so far – 5436 to 6993 words

Novel Diaries – Day 11 – Lessons Learned:

  • You don’t need all your worldbuilding notes in one book. You only need a fresh page to document new ideas and transcribe them to your draft.
  • Use the resources you have. Just because someone says Scrivener is great for writing, doesn’t mean you get it. Try seeing if Microsoft Word has features that could help out with your goals.
  • Fix your writing schedule.
  • Stay on course.

2 thoughts on “Hating OneNote’s print feature and fleshing out writing

  1. Wohoo! Congrats on your story. Is this your first draft? I totally agree with you on writing feeling like walking with a blindfold. I certainly felt that way with mine while writing… and to be honest still feel that way as I edit. I guess that’s what’s I get for not using an outline the first time though! Anyway, best of luck with your writing!

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