Second day and Vermont!

I have good news.

I now have a two-weekends-a-month job at a nonprofit (which will start in the fall though 😧) and I’ve been invited to a Writing Conference in Vermont by my former professor.

Little changes, but I’ll take them over none really. After deciding to leave teaching in January, I’m glad I’m at least getting somewhere in March. I’m also still waiting for my response for the MFA program I applied to.

I woke up early today. For the past few days I’ve been getting up at 6:00am so I was happy to see 4:00am today. I know it seems crazy to be up that early, but I sew during the day, so I need time to get on that machine. My head felt like a brick once I got up, but with some music in my ears, I snapped back to life.


  1. Fixed my almost nonexistent but important storyline in my draft. Everything is looking okay now.
  2. Made all handwritten corrections, typed.

There is one more storyline I need to work on before everything really runs well. Other than than, I’m glad I made good use of my time.

Wordcount – 6993 to 8723

Novel Diaries – Day 12 – Lessons Learned:

  • Writing is a trance. You may feel lazy, but when you start, that’s it for you.
  • World weaving is much better than world building.
  • Writer’s block gets better when you reference.
  • Your characters are the writers, not you. Let them do their job, even if they snatch the laptop from you.
  • Your settings are much better up close.

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