On giving my scenes profiles

I usually am open to writing advice. I look it up because I feel different projects need different processes. So anytime there’s a new story, I will most likely look up information that will help develop it. I’ve never done a seriesso I did look up alot of videos on how to make one, even though most people said, “You don’t need to, just imagine it all!”

I could have imagined it, but I know myself. When you tell me to jump off a cliff, I’ll ask you to jump first and let me see. So yes, no imagining stuff for me.

So far…


I aligned scenes with their respective storylines using colorcode. I then numbered the scenes and set them all up under a table of contents. After that, I found a little scene template. This template had these elements – Who, WhatWhen, Where and Why. 

I did a sample one for the prologue and pasted them under each scene. I have 80 scenes now, and that is after cutting off some. I also hand wrote a few dialogue and worldbuilding ideas in my little journal to add to the draft later.

Why am I using a scene profile when I could just write out the scenes?

  1. I want to get a good grasp of all five senses for myself
  2. I always have to do patternmaking before I sew, so this sort of feels like it.
  3. I want to use the profile to look up good references for research.

Wordcount – 8723 to 12597 (don’t be fooled, some are from pasting the profiles for use)

Till Monday!

Novel Diaries – Day 13 – Lessons Learned:

  • Just keep typing, it’ll make sense.

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