Still writing away…

Hey guys!

Long weekend, or maybe short? Well, I made use of it. Despite the fact that I did not get in the MFA program I applied to (yep, I cried), I finished all my scene profiles for each part of my story and got a few more scenes snipped off. After some tweaking and trimming, I’m at 13,313 words and ready to flesh out my writing.

The biggest goal I completed was to turn my approx. 5,000 outline into 10,000. More than 13,000 works out fine for me.

Since I started this book, I refer to my blog posts alot. I used my outline post to help in this case. I completed steps 1 and 2 on the post, and feel like I could try steps 3 and 4. But my instincts say, ‘skip them, write the real book, then worry about the critiques.’

So, I’m not doing 3 and 4. Why? Because I feel like I used 3 and 4 when I developed the outline. I critiqued it in terms of flow, content and plot.

Sending the outline to get critqued by others would take away from the experience of trying to connect with a story on the part of the editor. I don’t just want to see comments on how to improve my story, but I also want to see whether or not the story connected with them in some way.

And my definition of connecting does not mean, loving the story or being obsessed with it. It means, “Did you get where I’m coming from? Are you like me? Would you imagine yourself in a place like this? Does this place intrigue you?” If it doesn’t make a connection, then I probably need to look over some things.

I’ll trust my instincts and go forward with developing the outline into a full blown draft.

Wordcount – 12,597 to 13,313

Novel Diaries – Day 14 – Lessons Learned:

  • Follow your instincts, even when you had a plan.
  • Let your characters do the grunt work, they know the environment better.
  • Anytime you feel like your story is a waste, remind yourself of why you wrote it in the first place.
  • Not being accepted to an MFA Program does not mean you are bad at writing. You tried.



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