On Not Getting Into The MFA Program

I mentioned earlier that I did not get in the MFA Program I applied to, and it sucked.

It bums me out, but I feel alot better finding out how my life will play out in the next two to three years.

After a few minutes thinking about my rejection email, I had a long talk with my mother. Like, a really long talk. With a decision made, I quickly got back up after doing another writing session for Outlandersand drove all the way to the nearest community college to apply for the fall.

I arrived right on time because they had a free registration day and I signed up. I will be going back to school and will start as an undecided major the first semester before I make a decision. In the mean time, I’m taking online coding classes. I’m also taking the new Shonda Rhimes writing course on Masterclass.

The important thing now is that I’m getting somewhere, and we’ve all been through that.

Wordcount – 13,313 to 17,440

Novel Diaries – Day 15 – Lessons Learned:

  • Keep writing.

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