Writer’s block on Scene 4

Nothing much happened today.

During my writing session, I felt stuck on scene 4. I’m not sure what it was, because I was doing okay in the beginning scenes, but I guess this was where the story would start to feel stagnant and boring for me. I managed to finish scene 4 after forcing myself to keep typing.

I saw there were certain energy flows to writing. The energy flows relate to the amount of ideas pouring out at a certain time. When I felt my flow lacking, I thought of similar situations like my scene (referencing), which helped fuel the words I typed.

What are the lessons I can take from this experience?

  1. The outlining part helped out with this one. I kept referring to the scene profile along with references when I felt stuck.
  2. Listening to music can work, but I know some people don’t like it, which is okay too.
  3. I think knowing that there is a silver lining at the end of the tunnel also helps.
  4. I had to complete a scene each day, so having that deadline gives me more pressure.

Wordcount – 17440 to 18829

Novel Diaries – Day 16 – Lessons Learned:

  • Besides the other lessons up top, having optimism is a good thing.
  • Do not criticize yourself, asess and improve your writing.
  • You writing isn’t determined by one project. You may be better on essays than on poetry, but that doesn’t mean give up poetry. Use your essay skills to improve your poetry instead.

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