Novel Diaries is Back!

I finally got a job!

Yay. Now I can freaking breath and focus. For the past week, I’ve been typing up the novel and I’m glad that things are getting back to normal with my life. September is not too far away and though the skies on my end are pretty chilly, it’s enough to help calm me down.

I feel extremely relieved as I type this.

It certainly wasn’t easy, but the one biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you have to keep moving forward and never backwards. Constantly. Many of us have made big decisions to work hard towards something. I’m here to say that you’re not dreaming too big. Keep at it and go for what you want.

Back to the novel…

I did a little sketch. Let’s just say I tried.

Other than that, I made  so many more notes typing up the story. Though I am still following my outline, I have created more things WRITING the actual story.

Some writers may feel threatened when this happens, but I think this is a good sign of your characters coming to take charge of the story. Though outlining helped me form a map for the story, writing the story helped me explore and make sense of every location I visit on my map. It also may have made me create a new location – *ahem*, new country.

Moving on!

Another thing I’m discovering about the process is that there is alot of tedious typing. I’ve gotten past the boring part and now enjoy the process. When you get to this part too, music can help, but I’m not too fond of music. I kind of like the typing sounds I make on the computer. (Let me know if you do too.)

I’m glad I’m more patient. I used to want everything done in like two seconds, but I took one look at the screen and told myself there was no rush. I restarted Outlanders several times, and this is the last time I feel no need to start over again.

So as I type, I’m glad to say that there’s a bit more inspiration now that I have my financial situation settled.

Lessons Learned – 

  1. The best way to stay motivated is to do something you enjoy.
  2. The process of writing is boring, but it can be fun when you are in no rush.
  3. Sketching some parts of your story is great for some idea generation. I could not type my settings section for the story, so I drew and wrote it myself on computer paper.
  4. Get your day job!

Wordcount – 21,000+, 70+ pages


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