Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word

Hey guys! I’m here to give you my opinion on using these for writing.

My problem with Microsoft

Microsoft was cool for some time. I loved the table of contents feature, and the many technical stuff it had for formatting documents. But my big issue was with saving documents. Though OneDrive talks about have ‘one’ cloud to save all your stuff, I found myself having to give different titles to updates.

I also had a problem with the document loading up slowly. I just took too long to upload around thirty something pages.

Google Docs

The saving options on this one is amazing, and I like the fact that it is fast and can turn into a Microsoft Word file. I also love its table of contents feature and the way it’s fast to respond when typing. It doesn’t have many of the formatting features Microsoft Word had, but it’s simplicity helps with typing.

The one thing I’m beginning to notice though, is that when I upload, it takes a while to get all the pages at once. I have to wait for a few extra minutes. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been much of a bother since Microsoft Word took longer.

The only thing I have to be concerned about is how quickly it can save. That’s why Microsoft Word is great for restoring. If I mess up on a paragraph, I can go back several times. But I sense that Google docs may not be able to go that far, so one has to be careful with how it saves.

Another thing is that everything is on the internet. I could do offline if I could, but sometimes the document doesn’t come up. So I’m planning to save it up on Microsoft Word inside a flashdrive. Just in case.

Progress so far

Not much progress except for more typing. Just write,  work, then come home. Thirty minutes is enough for a session to do everyday, but if I’m not careful, I can go as far as three hours in a session.

It’s great to write for hours at a time, but I feel really dry when I do that. Not sure about you guys.

I’m learning that when I give myself a limit, I get excited for the next writing session. Even when I want badly to write that action scene, my pen is down if my session is over!

Lessons Learned

  1. Tools are important in writing. It can make or break your routine. Try to work as much as you can with what you have. I lived in a village for two months with no laptop or unlimited internet (you have to pay for data) to help, so I used my journal and phone (with a writing app) to write everyday. It worked too.
  2. Don’t think too much about progress. If you keep checking the time, time will go slow. But if you’re unware, it flys by over you. Relax and enjoy the process.
  3. Write only within your session time, or write up to your limit for the day.
  4. Save more money.

Wordcount – 30,000+, 100+


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