On sketching your story ideas

I recently decided to try drawing different parts of my story to help with idea development. Writing is great, but most times we writers love to think about how cool it would be seeing our stories come to life.  I didn’t use to do this often, but now, the more I write, the more I’m beginning to use sketching for processing my ideas.


Here are the three things sketching has helped me with.

  1. Writing better descriptions – anytime I get stuck on something, I take a little paper and sketch some parts of the story before I dive back down to typing.
  2. Overcoming writer’s block – when I write and feel stuck, I look at my sketches and get that excitement over again. It’s like seeing a commercial for a movie I’d enjoy.
  3. Making me confident in drawing – I used to do fashion illustration and I remembered drawing everyday with so much enthusiasm as a kid. That disappeared for almost ten years because I wanted to draw like other artists in like 5 minutes. Now, I’ve gotten that happiness back due to the nonsense pressure I took off myself.

Lessons Learned – 

  • Editing is writing, writing is notetaking
  • Don’t draw because you want to be like another artists. Please don’t. Draw because you want to see the world through your lenses. Draw because you want a peek of your imaginary world. Draw with love, and draw with alot of patience. It is not a race. The rest will follow soon afterward.

Wordcount – 42,000+, 140+ pages


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