There is no one way to write perfectly.

My initial interaction with stories began during my eight year stay with my family in Ghana, listening to adventures of Anansi on a show called By the Fireside, and watching Cartoon Network, which aired once every Friday from 3pm-5pm. (This thankfully changed once I got back to the US!)

My earliest memories of reading were of my grandmother forcing me to scan through the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, which did help with some spelling bees, but made me despise reading the more at the tender age of nine. That changed as I grew older. I love stories that I see and hear, but I also now enjoy picturing them behind tiny letters on paper.

As a recent college graduate, I made the move to pursue writing once I began teaching. On a rare day off, I spent hours constructing the perfect blog and routine for my writing. But I ended up abandoning going down this route to confusion.

My path to writing has not been perfect. It’s been meddled with other interests, responsibilities and put aside for too long. So I use this site to not just focus and grow, but to remind myself of the one greatest thing I should cherish.


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